Volunteer Opportunities

Because Northfield Nursery School is a cooperative school, we ask parents to serve on volunteer committees.  By contributing your time and talents both the school and your child will benefit.  The time commitment is minimal and we hope that you will respond eagerly when asked to serve.  In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed below we also encourage parents to:

  1. Complete the annual spring survey and offer suggestions for improving our school.
  2. Attend the annual spring meeting and vote for the upcoming Board of Directors and the annual budget.
  3. Come to your child’s classroom on his/her birthday.  You can read a book, show family photos, plan an activity or just hang around.  (Please talk to your child’s teacher prior to the birthday so you can agree on a mutually beneficial time.)
  4. Volunteer on field trips.
  5. Help teachers in the classroom on a cooking day or other such special days.
  6. Participate in fundraisers by purchasing items and/or by helping the committee chair.
  7. Attend or help at the Family Fun Nights (all-school social events where parents and children can get to know each other better.)
  8. Volunteer to share a talent with the children in the classroom.  (Do you like to sing or play an instrument?  Come lead us!  Do you know how to do a special dance?  Come teach us!  Do you have an interesting hobby?  Come show us!)

Volunteer Committees:

Parents will have the opportunity to sign up for volunteer positions at the fall orientation meeting.  Below are descriptions of the positions and estimated time commitment along with a sign-up link.  These volunteer opportunities are a great way to meet other NNS families and give back to the school.

Volunteer Sign-up

  1. Room and Toy cleaning:  15 volunteers are needed, including a lead volunteer who organizes and schedules cleaning times.  Classrooms and toys need to be thoroughly cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, wiped down, etc…). Time commitment:  ONE Saturday morning of cleaning either in the fall, winter or spring.
  2. Property Management:  5 volunteers are needed, including a lead volunteer who will call and organize the group.  These parents maintain and repair classroom and playground equipment or build certain items with school provided materials.  This group will also be asked to help with weeding and spreading mulch on the playground.  Time commitment:  Less than 12 hours per year.
  3. Librarian:  3 volunteers are needed, including a lead volunteer.  These parents will check out and return books and materials from the public library.  Book check-out is usually done every two weeks.  Time commitment:  Each member of the committee will only be asked to commit to a third of the year.
  4. Book orders:  One volunteer is needed to place book orders through Scholastic Books (online or by mail) and sort the order when it arrives.  Time commitment:  3-4 hours per month for seven months (the whole NNS school year).
  5. Fundraising:  8 volunteers are needed to work closely with the Fundraising Board Member to help organize, run and distribute various fundraising materials.  Time commitment:  Varies
  6. Staff/Volunteer Appreciation:  8 volunteers are needed, including a lead volunteer.  This committee provides snacks and meals to staff during parent teacher conferences in the fall and in the spring.  Time commitment:  Each member of the committee will only be asked to commit to either the fall or spring meals.
  7. Family Fun Events:  10 are needed for the fall event and 10 are needed for the spring event.  These events typically include a potluck, crafts and games in the gym.  The groups will set-up, clean-up and promote the events.  The fall event is in the beginning of October and the spring event date has yet to be determined.  Time commitment:  3-4 hours either in the fall or the spring.
  8. Room Parent/Annual Spring Meeting Class Representative:  Two volunteers from each class are needed to be “on call” for the teachers.  Responsibilities include assisting with tasks for the class and notifying families of school closings due to unforeseen circumstances.  These parents will also need to attend the annual spring meeting.  Time commitment:  1-4 hours per year including the annual spring meeting.
  9. Parent Coffees:  One volunteer from each class is needed to plan and organize parent coffees throughout the year at a location of your choice.  Time commitment:  3-4 hours per year.
  10. Marketing Help:  One volunteer is needed for stocking brochures and fliers at various locations throughout town.  Time commitment:  1-2 hours per month from December to August.
  11. Healthy Kids Day:  6 volunteers are needed to set up, take down and run the NNS booth at Healthy Kids Day in the spring.  Time commitment:  One Saturday  morning in the Spring
  12. Picture Helper:  2 volunteers are needed to distribute picture order forms to families prior to picture day, distribute pictures when they arrive from the company and collect money.  Time commitment:  3-4 hours in the fall.
  13. Classroom Material Scavenger:  1 volunteer is needed to find freebies on office supplies, craft materials, books, etc… around town (i.e. St. Olaf, Carleton or other businesses).  Time commitment:  Varies
  14. Technology Support: 1 volunteer is needed to help the Staff and Board with computer  and technology questions  and help with  the NNS website as needed.  Time commitment: Varies