Let US help YOU while YOU help US!

As friends of Northfield Nursery School you may or may not know that the school is not cleaned by magic fairies, but by our own beloved Margie.  Margie has been taking care of NNS and our daily cleaning needs for some time now, but she is unable to do so for approximately three weeks beginning October 4th.  This means that you, dear NNS friends, are in luck!  Just in time for the holidays we have an opportunity for someone to make a little extra money!

The job would entail light housekeeping for about 1 hour per weekday from October 4-October 16.  The time of day that the cleaning is done is very flexible, so the hours can be done when it is convenient for you.  Pay would be either cash or Kwik Trip gift card.  For more details please contact the treasurer by emailing treasurer@northfieldnurseryschool.com

Thank you so much!