Teacher Spotlight – Pat Rogne

Want to learn more about our amazing teachers? Read on for the final installment of our Teacher Spotlights! Missed the first two? Click here to read them: Kathy Spotlight or Penny Spotlight.

Pat Spotlight Photo

Pat Rogne has been a part of the Northfield Nursery School teaching team since 2005, after raising her own two children.  She is the definition of a preschool teacher with her cheerful smile, calm demeanor, and a passion for children’s literature.  She says, “I LOVE to read children’s books.  To help a child get excited about both fiction and non-fiction books is such a wonderful opportunity.  My goal is to help families, as together we open up whole new worlds and a love for life-long learning.”  In fact, one of her favorite things about NNS is the focus on literature and providing an environment that encourages a child to explore their curiosity.

One way in which Ms. Pat satisfies her own curiosity is through travel.  Her love for travel has brought her all over the United States, and even to Europe.  She says, “I have loved the state and national parks all over our great country.  I have also benefited by having a sister living in the UK and being able to visit family there.”  While Pat has visited some pretty amazing natural wonders through her travel, she is especially encouraged by the many ways NNS brings nature into the classroom, and encourages parents to enjoy nature with their children.  She adds, “There is so much to explore and learn.  It all starts in your own backyard!” What good advice for parents with kids of all ages!