Teacher Spotlight – Penny Tschann

Want to learn more about our amazing teachers? Read on for the second installment of our Teacher Spotlights! Missed the first one? Click here to read it: Kathy Teacher Spotlight.

Penny Spotlight Photo

Penny Tschann has been teaching at Northfield Nursery School for 28 years. She is a wonderful wealth of knowledge of all things preschool, which is evidenced in her classroom and the way she relates to students and parents alike. She says one of her favorite activities to share with students at NNS is any type of art. Her motto is, “The messier the better!”

Her love of exploration doesn’t stop with art, however. She says, “I love all of the hands-on things we offer every day.” She names playdoh, the sand table, the water table, and Legos among other favorites. Penny states, “They allow kids to get their hands moving and minds thinking.” It would only make sense that Penny, too, likes to explore. One of her favorite things to do outside of school is to travel. She considers herself lucky to have gone to Europe three times, but adds that she enjoys traveling around the United States too.

When asked to give parents of preschoolers heading to Kindergarten next year some advice, Penny responded in a way that reflects the value Northfield Nursery School places on children. She asks parents to “Enjoy your children at the age they are now. Sometimes we get caught up in what’s coming next. Someday, you’ll look back and they are all grown and you’ll wonder how that happened.” What a great reminder for parents of all ages!