NNS was founded in 1942 as a cooperative nursery school. It was originally organized by the parents of preschool children and governed by a parent Board of Directors. The school was housed in several locations until 1966 when it was moved to its present home in the Northfield United Methodist Church. Through the years the school has remained very much the same. The school is still overseen by a parent Board of Directors and parents still give voluntarily of their time and talents to help keep costs down. As in the past, the school strives to meet the needs of parents and children by providing positive guidance and encouragement.

Northfield Nursery School follows The Creative Curriculum for Preschool Fourth Edition. This curriculum guides us in providing a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in various learning centers. NNS provides opportunities for each child to:

  • Develop self-esteem in a warm, secure atmosphere.
  • Develop positive social relationships with other children and adults.
  • Discover the world through age appropriate materials and hands-on experiences.
  • Create freely in a noncompetitive manner.
  • Make independent choices.
  • Prepare for future educational endeavors: developing fine motor skills through cutting and writing, building cognitive concepts such as letter recognition and problem solving, and gaining independence through learning self-help skills.

Promoting literacy is an important part of the NNS curriculum. Some examples of our emphasis on literacy include: studying an author/illustrator of the month, labeling areas in the classroom, creating class books in which each child contributes a page, and posting topical words at the writing center so children can practice printing.