NNS provides a variety of activities that are active, quiet, teacher directed, and child initiated. Learning materials are rotated on a weekly basis and evaluated regularly by staff. Activities are designed to promote the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of children in a manner consistent with the child’s cultural background.

The following are examples of activities available to children attending NNS:

  • Intellectual: science experiments, math activities, stories, puzzles, games with rules.
  • Physical: movement to rhythm, manipulative toys, blocks, art experiences, indoor/large muscle play, sand and water play, outdoor play.
  • Social: dramatic play (dress up, housekeeping, etc.), snack, self-directed learning time.
  • Emotional: art (paint, play dough, etc.), creative movement, dramatic play.

The program is flexible and we strive to adapt it to individual or group needs.

Fine Motor Letter Writing


Hands on Numeracy


one to one
One to One Correspondence


Sound Recognition Through Rhyming


Miss Kathy Teaching Beginning Sounds


Numeracy in Nature















Typical Daily Schedule

  Morning Class Afternoon Class
Arrival 9:00 1:00
Greeting 9:00-9:20 1:00-1:20
Self-Directed Learning 9:20-10:10 1:20-2:10
Snack 10:10-10:30 2:10-2:30
Story/Small Group Activity 10:30-11:15 2:30-3:15
Outdoor Play/Gym Play 11:15-11:30 3:15-3:30
Dismissal 11:30 3:30